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Welcome to our new website, a fresh, new design that represents our goal to improve every day.  Testing Software has more than 12 years of experience in near shore QA consulting, we consistently maintain a high level of quality & productivity…

Automated Framework

Automated Framework

Testing Software is capable of providing you with an automated environment for your test plan.  This capability allows the following benefits ~¬ productivity and speed, best known practices, automated, legible & scalable test cases.
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Testing Software has developed an advanced, automated framework called TAF.  TAF will provide you with a starting point for any type of automation.  It also covers dozens of scenarios from web-based selenium test cases to complex SSH scenarios.
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Testing Software believes in the Agile development cycle.  Each of our team members are serious professionals with vast experience in Agile methodologies.  You can be confident that communication is our priority and that ultimate quality for your product is always our goal.
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Compatible Timezone

Compatible Timezone

Testing Software has its headquarters located in Costa Rica.  We are in a GMT -6 time zone which allows us to be synchronized with operations in the US.  Having a compatible time zone increases operational efficiency and is a cost saver to our clients.  We are available for you 80-100% of your working hours.
Cultural compatibility

Cultural Compatibility equals Success

The cultural compatibility between CR and the US can be represented by one word, SUCCESS!  Our teams are capable of establishing English communication channels with your company.  Our objective is to always ensure proper team coordination which results in high quality of the final project.
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Integration with your teams

Integration with your Teams

As Agile professionals we will integrate with your team by participating actively in your scrum meetings.  This results in better team performance by strengthening our relationship with your core team members.  This will also provide us with a good perspective of what needs to be done on your project.

What Our Customers Say



In the software development industry, your quality assurance team is just as critical as your development team. Testing Software knows this and they understand QA process better than any organization I’ve ever worked with. They’re the absolute best in the business, their track record proves it, and this is why we’ve partnered with them.

Michael Canzoneri

CEO, Cecropia Solutions



Since 2008, Testing Software has helped us keep our warehouse, logistics and custom management systems with the international quality standards our corporation demands.

Iván Blanco

IT Manager Central America, DHL

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I was most impressed by how flexible and agile Testingsoft was in responding to shifts in priorities and development plans. Our testing engineer and testing manager worked with us to develop testing strategies and procedures to minimize the impact of changes on the software release schedule

Brian Rowlet

Director of Technology, The NROC Project



When I was Head of Technology at Lending Club, I had the opportunity to work with Testing Software. During more than one year, they helped us to deliver high-quality releases when we were just a startup. Their QA engineers created an automation framework that, as of today, is still being used for regression purposes in every release.

Soul Htite

Co-Founder, Lendingclub

About Testing Software

Testing Software participates from the building stage of a software project. Our company has computer science professionals who are expert in software development projects and who have become actively involved during the construction of several software products, specializing in software testing activities.

To assist our customers achieve a world-class level of quality for their mission critical software, by implementing the correct and formal execution of the most current and successful software development methodologies used by world-class software development teams.

      • Delivering an integral testing execution and management that includes: definition, verification and validation during project development.


      • Applying an adequate and exhaustive testing methodology that guarantees quality, economic investment and time allocated to every project.


      • Giving real-time access to information necessary for opportune decision making in order to minimize failure risk and to avoid the presence of features not compliant with original requirements.


      • Supporting customer in cornerstone moments of software development lifecycle in order to achieve a better capacity to execute projects by integrating a best-practices frameset used by world-class software development teams.

With more than 12 years of experience on complex software development projects, and several locations throughout Costa Rica, we focus on procedures, activities and methodologies related to formal testing of software applications, to help our customers achieve a world-class level of quality for their mission critical software.

We follow Agile Methodologies

Agile Model


We work together with our clients in every stage of the product.


Our clients enjoy a perfect knowledge of our activities and we are always available for any questions about their projects.

Iterative process

We work in cycles on which our customers are involved in the reviews, which easily allows us to set new priorities and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, Testing Software has offices and labs in several locations throughout Costa Rica. Our focus is on procedures, activities and methodologies related to formal testing of software applications. Our company is comprised of engineers and professionals in computer science, who possess vast knowledge and experience, not only in software administration and development processes, but in activities related to computer application testing as well.

What kind of services do you offer?
The services Testing Software offers are useful for web-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and embedded software.


      • Elaboration and execution of testing plans for any kind of application.


      • Automation of test cases.


      • Follow-up and control of system defects.


      • Assessment and consulting regarding application testing.
Does the timezone of your headquarters affect your operations with USA Clients?
Not at all, Testing Software has its headquarters located in Costa Rica. We are at GMT-6 time zone meaning that we are 1 hour ahead of PST, 1 hour behind of CST, 2 hours behind EST timezone. As you can see, we have a nice  time window to work in perfect coordination with our customers