The world is constantly changing, and the ability to embrace change is critical for any team or organization that wants to stay up to date. At Testing Software, we have recognized this constant changing reality, which has lead us to become experts in Agile Methodologies such as SCRUM, helping software development teams and projects cope with the changes.

Testing Software has vast experience in working in Agile teams that use utilizes sprints of every 2 weeks with a thorough understanding of the role of a tester in this environment. Testing Software has developed an intrinsic knowledge and best practices to support Agile teams deliver high quality releases. In addition, Testing Software utilizes a pseudo-SCRUM to publish changes to the website weekly, creating rapid web based developments.

As in any Agile team, Testing Software team members are self-organized and coordinate constantly with the development team to understand priorities and features that need to be tested. Testing Software will structure teams with the right mix of people experienced in automation, continuous integration, and defect management to help boost your agile practices to a word-class level.