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Model-based Testing

What is model-based testing? Utting, M., & Legeard, B. (2006) – Model-based testing is the automation of the design of black-box test. The main use of MBT is to generate functional tests. The difference from usual black-box testing is that rather than... read more

Towers of Ideas

Brainstorming is one of the oldest techniques used to generate ideas in this generation. This concept was created in 1938 and therefore has established many different variants in order to achieve different results. This concept led me to think about how to brainstorm,... read more

TAF v2.2.2 Update

In this version we can find. All the things that have already existed in previous version. Race Conditions. Ajax Javascript Jquery Vaadin WaitTool WaitTool: It has the following methods. Java public static void waitForElementPresentAndVisible(WebDriver driver, final... read more

FTP New feature for TAF v 2.1.0

In TAF v 2.1.0, we can find a new feature. FTP (file transfer)  What does it do?         For now, it handles the send of files “UploadFiles”, to a server machine. We can add new functionalities to this feature as soon as necessary.   Check Github... read more

New TAF features.

I wanted to tell you that I’ve been working on some features for later versions to TAF that may be useful: ITSListener -TSRetry (Re-Run failed tests , 3 times) -Excel Report (Generate xls report as a Data base table. If the test fail, it shows a link  to a txt... read more