I wanted to tell you that I’ve been working on some features for later versions to TAF that may be useful:


  1. -TSRetry (Re-Run failed tests , 3 times)
  2. -Excel Report (Generate xls report as a Data base table. If the test fail, it shows a link  to a txt file with the log of the fail, we use standard colors and counts of the test cases run).


  1. -TSJavaScriptExecutor (You can run, either js on full page or a specific webelement).
  2. -TS_UI (this allows us to choose a driver we want to run with; FF, IE, Chrome) and allows us to set the non static driver  between pages easily.
  3. -TSFireFoxProfile (It allows us to run firefox with extensions, like Firebug + firepath)


  1. -Datasource (overload the method that already existed).

Comparator of pictures by Bytes is coming soon.

It is on a 2.1.0 version if anyone wants to try. If you want, you can change to version 1.