In this version we can find.

  1. All the things that have already existed in previous version.
  2. Race Conditions.
    1. Ajax
    2. Javascript
    3. Jquery
    4. Vaadin
    5. WaitTool
  3. WaitToolIt has the following methods.
  4. TSPageFactory: It is linked to Race Conditions. It extends of Selenium Page Factory, but additional things were added.
    1. It applies the Race Conditional waits by implicit way. Without testers realize the time when the page is loaded.
    2. Its usage is the same as working with selenium, the only difference is that we have to change the corresponding import in our code.
  5. TSReport: It has two spreadSheets.
    1. ExecutionsExecutions
    2. Results summary.Results summary
  6. DownloadFile: Download a file from an URL in Internet .
  7. A couple of changes were added, now the automation can be run on Firefox, Google Chrome and IE. Also in the previous version we had to download the “.exe” files, but now if we do not have it in our local projects, it will be downloaded automatically.