Our customers own software that is mission-critical, requiring continuous maintenance and updates. The high capacity of our personnel to infer and interpret the different system’s specification and design models allows Testing Software to elaborate on the tests for design and architecture based on specifications written in prose, user stories, use cases, UML, CASE tools, among others. Additionally, the testing service is provided in development, maintenance and support stages of the system, verifying changes included in the application. This service creates in the organizational culture a set of best practices for software development which, in turn, sensibly influence the controlled and predictable execution to achieve projects that meet the requirements in the established deadlines.

Several of our customers work with us for years, usually starting with one or two resources allocated, and with the passing of time, the size of the teams allocated to work with each customer grows.

What customers say

In the software development industry, your quality assurance team is just as critical as your development team. Testing Software knows this and they understand QA process better than any organization I’ve ever worked with. They’re the absolute best in the business, their track record proves it, and this is why we’ve partnered with them. Michael Canzoneri

CEO , Cecropia Solutions

I was most impressed by how flexible and agile Testingsoft was in responding to shifts in priorities and development plans. Our testing engineer and testing manager worked with us develop testing strategies and procedures to to the impact of changes on the software release schedule Brian Rowlet

Director of Technology, The NROC Project

In the project to develop the Rights Drawback Regime System, Testing Software provided method and set the tone with the external developer company in order to achieve the best software development process that had been accomplished thus far within PROCOMER for any other project of this nature. This was crucial for us, due to the high visibility and countrywide relevance that such System has: it was mandatory to do it right at the first attempt. Nancy Monge

Informatics Coordinator, Promotora del Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica (PROCOMER)

Testing Software has been, since 2010, a strategic ally which helps us successfully deliver software development projects on time, with the expected functionality and within budget. Víctor Alpízar

General Manager, GBSYS

When I was Head of Technology at Lending Club, I had the opportunity to work with Testing Software. During more than one year, they helped us to deliver high-quality releases when we were just a startup. Their QA engineers created an automation framework that, as of today, is still being used for regression purposes in every release. Soul Htite

Co-Founder, LendingClub.com

The experience of working with Testing Software in the development of our main business tool One Step Ahead (OSA) was effective, healthy and gave us what we expected. Our company ended up with a high-quality software product; which has brought stability and safety to our day-to-day processes. Randall Vargas

Regional IT Manager, Century 21 Central America

Since 2008, Testing Software has helped us keep our warehouse, logistics and custom management systems with the international quality standards our corporation demands. Iván Blanco

IT Manager, DHL Central America

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