Testing Software has offices and labs in several locations throughout Costa Rica. Our focus is on procedures, activities and methodologies related to formal testing of software applications.

Our company is comprised of engineers and professionals in computer science, who possess vast knowledge and experience, not only in software administration and development processes, but in activities related to computer application testing as well.

About 80% of our resources are allocated to American companies with operations located in the United States. Other customers are Costa Rican companies very well-known in our environment with a consistent orientation towards technological, cutting edge improvement.

Regionally, Testing Software supports organizations interested in best practices, companies where software is important; maybe even mission critical. Within these organizations the IT department is the responsible personnel who want to systematically improve their software building process. Testing Software not only provides its practices but also transfers methods, procedures, concepts, and formality simultaneously. This regularizes the development process and the software products created by the organization’s development teams.

Our objective is to be at the service of our customers and to provide the best, highly trained software development, QA and testing teams, for those organizations which identify in technology a key factor for succeeding in their business. In this way, Testing Software applies and fully shares its knowledge and expertise to ensure their customers success in their technological investment.

Operating since 2004 as an autonomous company, our first steps were taken in the year 2000, when our founders executed several development and testing projects for Microsoft and other large companies in Europe and United States. This experience provides us with knowledge, methods and tools that, as of today, position us as one of the most professional companies in the country. Our staff is comprised of engineers with top level training in formal development & testing methodologies

Our methodology is based on the establishment of long-term relationships with our customers. We become a valuable ally that significantly increases the final quality of developed software. We always provide precise delivery dates by substantially reducing delays caused by a lack of adequate follow-up and control mechanisms.

A highly valued benefit to the executive and directive levels of an organization is the considerable increase in the status visibility of the development projects we are involved in.