Testing Software Automation Framework

The demands and rapidly changing dynamics in the world of software, forces growth within software companies which will enable rapid production. The business industry expects significant, constant changes and must have the capacity to easily adapt to these changes if they want to be competitive.

Test Automation Framework (TAF) helps to facilitate our QA team in order to reduce the time involved reviewing Test Cases in software projects. Using TAF today is a good business decision. While testers are concerned about testing new features, TAF supports regression testing.

Testing Software is aware of this trend and has developed after years of research and investments its own TAF. This progress has successfully placed the company at the forefront of software industry and they have been leaders applying the best practices in software development in the region.



  • Developed internally by Testing Software and is based on well-recognized technologies such as Selenium , Testng, ssh and Web Driver
  • Allows developers to automate in different technologies specifically in Java, .NET and Python
  • TAF Allows automation of WEB applications mainly in Selenium and Web Driver
  • Testing Software developed Monarca, our own automation tool for Oracle Forms 6i, 9i, 10g and 11g
  • TAF is continuously in the process of improvement due to the fact that it is a framework created by Testing Software. We are an unique software company in Costa Rica that supplies this type of service
  • We have a Security Test Plan including 4 types of tests:
    • Tampering
    • Code injection
    • Authorizations
    • Upload File

Project Details

Skills Java, Maven, Selenium Webdriver


  • Developed in Java and runs in Java and .NET
  • Has the ability to allow the user to connect email mailboxes such as Google/Gmail & also to send and receive emails
  • Interacts with resources such as Web Services and AJAX
  • Testing Software implementation has the ability to encode test cases in a readable manner using Domain Specific Language (DSL) techniques. The code describes to the user the Test Case itself
  • Allows connecting via console to LINUX environments whether it is servers or embedded systems
  • Design Pattern: Page Object and Page Factory for websites testing and automatic generation of stubs
  • It can be integrated in any Java editor but we normally work in Eclipse
  • Can be run in multiple browsers for example: Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer


  • Productivity and Speed.
  • Better System Functionality.
  • Use Design Patterns recognized as best practices.
  • Standardization.
  • Automated, legible and scalable Test Cases
  • Great Readability with  Domain Specific Language DSL.
  • Low Maintenance Cost.
  • Data Organization.
  • Standardization and Integration with tools such as:
    • Selenium-Web Driver
    • TEST NG
    • Rest
  • More Quality: Improve Project and end-Product quality

If you want to explore TAF by yourself, please visit our TAF Project page at github

Download our Source from GitHub


Testers just need to start programming the Test Case and Testing Software TAF will make it happen!

Who can use Testing Software’s TAF?

IT developers and software testers, from a variety of organizations and with a knowledge of Java can use TAF. Testing Software clients can receive, without charge, our TAF is an added value to your projects.

Testing Software’s TAF Differentiation

  • Testing Software’s competitors do not have their own TAF.
  • We have invested many years developing our TAF.
  • If you use Testing Software TAF your software project will receive an immediate and direct transfer of best practices and “know-how”.
  • Testing Software is at the forefront and at the Top of the Business regarding TAF.