The services Testing Software offers are useful for web-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and embedded software.

Elaboration and execution of testing plans for any kind of application

This is the creation of a formal test plan, performed by personnel with experience, which covers all the functional characteristics of the system.

Automation of test cases

Testing Software is responsible for handling cases from a test plan given to us by the customer or previously developed by Testing Software for a specific application.  This creates an architecture that allows the execution of test cases automatically. The regression tests validate the correct operation of the system after including new changes. Part of the automation can be coded by the  preferred tool of the customer or a tool recommended by Testing Software.

Follow-up and control of system defects

Testing Software maintains a repository of application defects, known as “bugs” in computer science slang.  This keeps an updated overview of existing problems for each version of customer’s application.

Assessment and consulting regarding application testing

Our experts analyze customer’s information systems in order to determine the processes and methodologies for software testing most suitable to their needs.

There are some criteria and expertise that also help in determining what is known as “Dev to QA Ratio.”  Should the testers be QA engineers or application testers?  In addition, do they need a QA Lead involved with the project? Testing Software helps customers define such indicators and  based upon those findings establishes the cost of our services based on a monthly fixed price. During execution Testing Software assigns tasks internally, depending on the activities necessary to perform.  We coordinate and supervise all work tasks and establish suitable actions to ensure that testing is conducted in a proper and continuous fashion.

Testing Software actively participates in the project’s execution dynamically. We accomplish this by conducting meetings or activities on site with the customer, although considerable aspects of the job are executed in Testing Software labs. We keep constant contact with our customers via electronic or telephonic channels.  VoIP, virtual meeting rooms, shared desktops, remote desktops and virtualization are some of the strategies we have utilized to assist us in providing service to our customers. Due to the fact the some of the teams work is located in other geographical regions, we have found these forms of communication are extremely effective in managing projects.